Which Limousine Service is Right for You?

Limousine service is an indispensable transportation service in Bangkok. The limousine service in Bangkok includes the vehicle, driver and luggage. Every service in Bangkok utilizes a licensed and insured driver. Examples of Limousine Service include:

Buses – A private bus full of passengers with drivers who are licensed and secured. They are also referred to as luxury sedan buses. They are hired for a specific number of seats for long distance travel within Bangkok. Buses cannot carry more than ten people at a time. A private bus can cost twice more than a stretch limousine.

Rental Cars – A driver hired from a Limousine Service will often be someone who has been hired regularly by other clients. It is essential to find out how many previous clients the driver has served. The Limousine Service driver will have his own license and insurance. If you hire a luxury vehicle insurance is particularly important. If there is an accident or damage to the limousine service vehicle while the driver is driving it can be considered to be a loss to your company. Many insurance companies in Bangkok offer rental car policies for their customers.

Taxis are not allowed to charge more than twenty percent of the daily rate for transportation within Bangkok. Taxis are cheap and reliable ways to get around the city. Many travelers prefer to hire a limousine service rather than a taxi because of their style and elegance. Most of the passengers in Bangkok are also inclined to employ a limousine service rather than taxis because they are elegant, well-dressed and comfortable.

Special occasions – Many people employ the services of a Limousine Service for special events. These events include wedding receptions and proms, graduations as well as birthday parties and anniversary celebrations. These events require a stylish and elegant vehicle. Limousines provide unsurpassed luxury for these occasions. Limousines can be hired to transport you in style to any location. A chauffeur will offer a personal service to ensure that you are completely satisfied when you hire the limousine service.

Occasional Seats – There will be times that you need to bring a few passengers with you. Limousine Service providers often offer occasional seats to clients. For special occasions, you can add a few passengers. If the person you are planning to invite is not in one of the categories above it is possible to think about Limousines. Limousine service Sometimes it is more comfortable to have occasional seating than full-size cars. If you know the passenger well you can often pick them out for an Limousine Service and they will not feel out of place.

Ground Transportation Service – Some Limousine Service providers offer ground transport as part of their transportation package. These services are usually inexpensive and can be picked-up or dropped off at the customers at their workplace or home. They can permit one limousine per day to be dropped off and picked-up multiple times throughout the day. Ground transportation services are perfect for occasional seating and transportation for clients who are always late. They are perfect for people who often travel but don’t want to make multiple stops.

Personalized Service – A lot of people hire a limousine service for corporate events. These services usually provide all of the transportation needed for guests. You have the option to hire your own driver, or have the driver dropped off at the location of your guests. Your driver will make sure that your guests arrive in fashion. You can also gather all your guests at one place by having your own chauffeur.