VIU the high-end video streaming service is located at Hong Kong. The company that runs it is owned by the PCCW Group. The business offers a vast assortment of video content for subscribers around the world. Users can also subscribe to specific channels, such as sports, drama, or comedy. There are more than 100 million registered users around the world.

VIU is a provider of a diverse selection of movies and TV programs, in addition to original movies and shows. These shows and movies typically are available as HD and with subtitling. This service offers personalized suggestions and customized Discovery feeds. HD is available with subtitles. Subscribers can subscribe to diverse movies and television shows in order to keep up to the latest on their favourite shows.

Viu offers an extensive selection of videos for free, in addition to a paid-for Viu Premium membership which is $5.98 a month. It gives users the first access to new movies and an all-access pass and allows users to view all shows of their preference without interruption. Or, join Viu for free. This gives you access to a vast range of free content without limitations.

Viu Premium is available for download in HD and 480p. Viu Premium gives users the ability to view the latest episodes of popular dramas in just eight hours. The subscribers can download unlimited contentsuch as films and TV shows, in addition to other programming. This premium subscription is not suitable for mobile devices, as well as it doesn’t require any additional devices.

Viu is available in several countries , including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, India, Indonesia and Thailand. เว็บดูหนังออนไลน์ is available in each country. service includes subtitles customized to the local language. Customers in Hong Kong, for instance, will receive subtitles in Traditional Chinese or Filipino. While in Singapore people can pick Simple Chinese subtitles.

Viu has recently launched Voot the streaming movie app. It is, in contrast to Netflix it is free to download. Through this application, you can watch Viacom18 original TV shows and movies. You’ll also be able to explore a variety of live channels. The player for video is swift and intuitive to use as well as it shows subtitles in free movies. It also can be used with Chromecast. This means that you’ll be able quickly cast your account onto the smart TV of your choice.

Currently, Viu is a leading all-regional OTT streamer of video. In the Media Partners Asia AMPD Research report, which was released on March 28, Viu’s MAUs grew rapidly, making it the number one streaming service for video in Greater Southeast Asia. It also comes in 2nd for paying subscribers, premium video streaming minutes as well as third among monthly users.

The mission of VIU is to look at sustainable alternatives. Its programs recognize the interdependence between ecosystems that are human and natural. Its multi-disciplinary environment and special environment provide the perfect laboratory to carry out innovative research. Its focus is on the remarkable culture of the past and the urgent challenges facing the future.